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InBetween: Hungry Mouse is a spin-off solo mini-game inspired by the InBetween RPG. You are a tiny mouse on a quest for food in the dark dangerous Between (the space between house walls, and under their floors). You create a route to explore, and try to make it out alive with enough food for your mouse-kin.

To play, you will need a pen, paper, and around five six-sided dice.

Note: This is a pamphlet game, supplied as a file to print a two-sided z-fold pamphlet.

A cloak-wearing mouse

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
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GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsDice, mice, Singleplayer


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Got this during a bundle and have played a few games of it and have quite enjoyed it. I'd like I bit of a rules clarification though because in the pamphlet its confusing. When choosing to Run Away Home it says roll your dice tally the results but then mentions don't count success dice. Does this mean we roll our say three dice and throw out any dice from the pool that are 4+ before tallying or just don't do the success/failure and tally all three dice as one whole?

Beyond that I'm really enjoying this little game and looking forward to sharing it with friends as a simple one on one type experience with others. It also makes a great little game to take camping as well.

Hi there! Glad you’ve enjoyed it, but clearly I need to work on cramming rules into pamphlets. 

The second option is the correct one. You roll the dice and total the result like a normal dice roll, rather than counting successes, and move that many spaces home. If you are lucky you can get back in one roll. Otherwise you apply the consequences and roll again. 

Hope that helps. 

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This game is quite fun BUT is too much dependant by luck.
I didn't care too much on my first few playthrough, and also had two successful runs (one with a score of 12, and a second one with a score of 9), but after that was a long serie of disasterful runs only by bad luck.

I know what you're thinking "this game is about taking risks", If It is this way I could definetly agree but this is not the case, this is a game only about suffer consequences.

For example:
If you find a rat in game you should be able to decide if fighting It or run away, our protagonist should not explore completely blind going through danger.

Another thing is the very poor reward after defeating those huge menaces (I'm looking at you, Hunting Spider)

In order to be fair It definetly need some adjustments, otherwise the fun quickly fades away.

Thanks for the feedback. I did tweak the rewards for the fighting a fair bit early on, but I definitely agree that the game is luck based to quite a degree.

If you want to change up the rules more to your liking, I'll happily share any rules suggestions on this page for everyone

This game is so much fun! The art in the pamphlet is really pretty.

Thank you! The art is all from my upcoming Mouse RPG (which I totally have no date for). If you check the website you can find more art. https://www.teuton.org/~stranger/inbetween

A lovely Game. I played it a lot since i got it a few days ago. 

I think my 13th try was the best for now and it wont be the last!

Thank you for these wonderfull little Storys i can build up.

I think it is also a nice Game to play with someone together. Maybe with a Kid too. So one is the Storyteller/Gamemaster and the other will experience the whole Story. - There were 3 of 13 Games my Boyfriend was the Storyteller for me. 

That's a lovely idea! I never thought of doing it co-op, but you are right, that could work out great (and clearly did for you). That map looks epic, so much neater than mine :)

Thank you. Yes i needed to mark some thinks like "Every-Time-Rooms" and where i backtracket. So i used colored Pencils.

Then it is not a big Problem when i have to make a break or a Map gets too big because the dices wantet to :)

Very cute drawings!

Looking forward to giving this a try!

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it.